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At Alpha Vantage, the majority of our API endpoints can be accessed for free. For use cases that exceed our standard API usage limit (25 API requests per day) or require certain premium API functions, we offer a premium plan to scale your use cases. Alpha Vantage is the trusted partner of premier business organizations and institutions around the globe, including:

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Upon payment completion, please stay on this page to view the entitlement instructions for realtime and 15-minute delayed US market data as well as realtime US options data via our Alpha X Terminal © display portal.

Need even more API requests per minute than the plans listed here? We support up to an unlimited number of requests per minute - please contact us for details.

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IMPORTANT - PLEASE DO NOT SKIP: If you would like to access realtime US market data, 15-minute delayed US market data, or realtime US options data for personal use, please log into your Alpha X Terminal (or sign up for free if you are a first-time user) and click on the "Data" link at the upper-right corner to start the data entitlement process - please see illustration below.

You now have access to premium support at [email protected]. Please keep your API key at a safe physical or digital place. If you suspect that your API key has been "compromised" at any point, please let us know and we will take actions accordingly.