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Frequently Asked Questions

I have got my API key, now what?

Welcome to Alpha Vantage! First of all, check out the example API calls in the API Documentation. In addition, the open-source community has created over 200 Alpha Vantage libraries on GitHub and we hope you can find the language of your choice. And you can always drop us a note anytime!

Are Alpha Vantage APIs realtime?

Yes, the latest data points in our stock, forex (FX), and crypto APIs are derived from the current trading day, updated realtime.

Are there usage/frequency limits for the API service?

We are proud to provide free API service for our global community of users and recommend that you make API requests sparingly (up to 5 API requests per minute and 500 requests per day) to achieve the best server-side performance. If you would like to target a larger API call volume, please visit premium membership.

I have built a library/wrapper for Alpha Vantage with a specific programming language. May I open-source it on GitHub?

Certainly - we truly appreciate the help and support from the community to make Alpha Vantage even more accessible and developer-friendly. However, we ask that your language-specific library/wrapper preserves the content of our JSON/CSV responses in both success and error cases. We consider it a top priority that our users get the original debugging and troubleshooting information from Alpha Vantage.

I would like to improve an existing API or propose a new technical indicator / feature to Alpha Vantage. What should I do?

We are obsessed with delivering the best user experience with the highest technical expertise. Please contact us anytime and we can go from there!