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Frequently Asked Questions

I have got my API key, now what?

Welcome to Alpha Vantage! Getting started is easy:

❚ If you would like to start building right away, the open-source community has developed over 600 libraries and wrappers for Alpha Vantage - you may want to give them a try.

❚ If you are a spreadsheet user (e.g., Excel or Google Sheets), please check out our dedicated spreadsheet add-ons.

Are there usage/frequency limits for the API service?

We are pleased to provide free stock API service for our global community of users for up to 5 API requests per minute and 500 requests per day. If you would like to target a larger API call volume, please visit premium membership.

Note: If you are from a college or university and would like to use our data for academic purposes (e.g., research, teaching, etc), please reach out to [email protected] for academic data inquiries.

You support both raw and adjusted intraday/daily/weekly/monthly time series. What adjustment method are you using?

We use the adjustment methodology from the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), an industry standard.

I have built a library/wrapper for Alpha Vantage with a specific programming language. May I open-source it on GitHub?

Certainly - we truly appreciate the help and support from the community to make Alpha Vantage even more accessible and developer-friendly. However, we ask that your language-specific library/wrapper preserves the content of our JSON/CSV responses in both success and error cases. We consider it a top priority that our users get the original debugging and troubleshooting information from Alpha Vantage.

I would like to improve an existing API or propose a new technical indicator / feature to Alpha Vantage. What should I do?

We are obsessed with delivering the best user experience with the highest technical expertise. Please contact us anytime and we can go from there!

Additional Resources for Quantitative Investing

Quantitative investing is not a "solo adventure." It is an iterative process of learning and reflection that leads to the discovery of the strategy that fits one's personal investment style. In partnership with leading online learning platform Udemy, we have curated the following list of educational resources to help turbocharge your career in investing, trading, software development, and data science.

Stock Market Investing

Stock Trading: The Complete Foundation

⏳9.5+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

A comprehensive review of how the stock market works, with topics including history & evolution of the stock market, the IPO process, buy/sell order types, risk management, money management, trading psychology, and technical analysis.

Stock Trading: Advanced Strategies

⏳9.5+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

In-depth coverage of advanced financial market concepts including microstructure, ECNs, dark pools, fundamental data analysis, valuation methods, and trading strategy formulation and evaluation.

Financial Analyst: The Complete Training Course

⏳22.5+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

Taught by an award-winning business professor and investment banking / hedge funds veteran, this course aims to equip you with the essential skills to succeed as a financial analyst in investment banking, venture capital, private equity, private wealth management, and other professional settings.

Forex and Cryptocurrencies

Forex Trading for Beginners and Experienced Professionals

⏳5.5+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

An insider view of the Forex Market, covering topics such as Base vs. Quoted currencies, Pip vs. Point, bid/ask/spread, fundamental and technical analysis of the global currency market, and live forex trading using MetaTrader.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Fundamentals

⏳3+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

This course will equip you with a strong understanding of the blockchain technology, Bitcoin as a medium of exchange (MoE) and a store of value (SoV), and the key concepts/vocabulary commonly used in blockchain-related business scenarios.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies - 2021 Edition

⏳9.5+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

This bestselling guide to cryptocurrency investing covers essential topics such as SHA256 hashing and mining, Bitcoin vs. altcoins, DeFi, yield farming, and managing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Masterclass

⏳7.5+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

Industry insights into technical analysis methodologies for stock, ETF, mutual fund, forex, cryptocurrency trading and investing, with a 360-degree view of the most practical technical indicators and stochastic oscillators.

Web Applications and APIs

Building a REST API with Flask and Python

⏳17+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

We are in "the decade of APIs." Equip yourself with hands-on experiences in building an enterprise-grade REST API with Flask and Python with a scalable SQL database backend.

NodeJS - The Complete Guide

⏳40+ hours of on-demand video | 🏅certificate of completion included

Obtain in-depth knowledge and expertise in Node.JS, one of the most in-demand web development frameworks. Build modern, fast, and scalable web applications with Node.JS, rendered apps, REST APIs, GraphQL APIs, and SQL/noSQL databases.